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Furniture Layout and Space Planning

Transform your living spaces with SHF services. Our seasoned interior designers bring a blend of creativity and functionality to optimize your home's layout. From selecting the perfect furniture pieces to arranging them strategically, we ensure a harmonious and stylish living environment tailored to your preferences.

Furniture, Fabric, and Accessories Selections and Specifications

Our skilled interior designers curate a personalized selection of furniture, fabrics, and accessories to complement your style and enhance your living spaces. From timeless classics to contemporary trends, we meticulously tailor every element to suit your aesthetic preferences, ensuring a harmonious and sophisticated ambiance in every room.

Lighting Design

Illuminate your living spaces with our Lighting Design services. From ambient to task lighting, we carefully select fixtures that complement your interior aesthetic while providing the perfect illumination for every space. Discover the perfect lighting design that adds warmth, sophistication, and ambiance to your living environment.

Exterior Finish Selections

Elevate your home's curb appeal. Our skilled designers work closely with you to choose the perfect finishes for your home's exterior, from siding and trim to doors and windows. Whether you seek a classic charm or a modern aesthetic, we curate a palette that harmonizes with your architectural style and personal taste.

Interior Detailing

We pay careful attention to the finer points, adding character and personality to your home. Our designers craft a cohesive design that speaks to your style and preferences. Stanton Home Furnishings is committed to creating interiors that delight in the details, ensuring a space that is not only visually stunning but also uniquely tailored to you. Experience the art of interior detailing with us, where every element contributes to a harmonious and sophisticated living environment.


Our dedicated interior designers go beyond selecting and curating; they bring the vision to life right in your home. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, our designers ensure the flawless placement of furniture, accessories, and decor. Invite the expertise of Stanton Home Furnishings into your space, and watch as your home evolves into a reflection of your style and personality. Let our designers be your trusted partners in turning your vision into a reality, right in the comfort of your own home.

  • The Consultation

    Start your project by sharing ideas in an at-home consultation with one of our designers as they conduct a thorough assessment of the space(s), discussing your design objectives, preferences, and requirements.

  • The In-store Presentation

    You will be invited to our showroom for a presentation and idea packet showcasing a range of designs and recommendations tailored to your project, such as furniture, upholstery, accessories, lighting, paint, and fabric selections.

  • The Execution

    Once approved, all pieces will be ordered. Depending on the scope of the project, the designer can come back to your home for installation.

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Lead Designer

Herb Patton

Herb has been in the interior design industry for almost a decade. His journey began with Ethan Allen, then Bassett Furniture. He has worked at SHF for four years, where his passion for design truly flourishes. Herb has designed hundreds of interiors, each one unique and tailored to his clients' visions. He loves assisting his clients in designing their custom furniture and dream spaces, ensuring that every detail reflects their personal style and needs. His role at SHF also involves collaborating with the team on show houses. Herb's commitment to his clients and his passion for design make him a valuable asset to the SHF team and a sought-after designer in the region.


Senior Designer

Jimmy Stanton

Jimmy Stanton, Founder of Stanton Home Furnishings, boasts over 28 years of experience in interior design. A Georgia native, Jimmy combines timeless aesthetics with contemporary flair, having participated in numerous showhouses and collaborated with renowned designers. After working with John Craft Interiors and Image Design, he established Stanton Home Furnishings (SHF) in 2001. He's participated in numerous showhouses, collaborated with well-known Interior Designers, and has completed many full-service interior design projects. Jimmy's designs have been featured in Atlanta Home & Lifestyles, DÉCOR, Atlanta Magazine, and Lake Oconee Living to name a few.


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